Excellence in welding technology

IDEAL Welding Systems in Rockford, IL is the sales and service office for IDEAL and CLIFFORD brands of welding automation — offering machinery, systems, service and parts in the US, Canada, and Mexico since 1995. Our automated laser and resistance welding solutions include mesh welding, butt welding, jig welding, spot and projection welding and are applicable for: wire products, welded wire mesh, cables and conductors, welded automotive components, sheet metal products, coil joining, band saw blades, and other niche applications.

We pride ourselves on providing increased efficiency, consistently operating machinery, and excellent service and support to our customers so you can gain that decisive competitive edge. For example, our featured IDEAL Green Line stands for a new level of efficiency and environmental consciousness in welding technology. We have developed highly-efficient welding systems that set new standards with regard to economic and ecological factors through the use of energy-saving technologies and components to conserve and recycle energy.

Since its inception 90 years ago in Germany, our core competence at IDEAL remains the same — automated resistance and laser welding machinery.